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Stand up. 

This post is about standing up for yourself. For what you believe in. I believe that if you love someone you try every avenue of working out problems. You figure out what works. . And what doesn’t. You learn together and that will help you love together. 

I believe that you shouldn’t let someone come between you and your spouse, not a family member, not a friend, not a co-worker. NO ONE. well ok you can let God come between you but if he comes between you then maybe you shouldn’t be each other’s spouses to begin with. But that’s another topic for another post. 

I believe that you should build each other up not tear each other down. 

Stand up for yourself but also stand up for them. Help them find the fireflies in life while.you look for your own. This one doesn’t just go for spouses this goes for everyone. Sometimes helping someone else see some Fireflies shows you your own. 

Keep searching for fireflies. 



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This week I took a big stand, against my anxiety and for myself. In past relationships I’ve laid down and taken whatever my S.O. has said and dished. Even if it meant pain to me. I’ve made life choices based completely on them. I’ve lied to family and myself. All because my anxiety told me if I didn’t of be alone again. 

This time I stood my ground even if it meant the end of my engagement. I prayed that what God had in-store be done. Then I sat there and told my anxiety to step back and I put my foot down. I decided I was worth more then what I was receiving. Told the man I plan on marrying that I was tired of coming in second. I realized that I am worthy of love and devotion even with my thoughts out in the open and not just as a puppet. 

It make take time but I’m realizing my worth. One firefly at a time. 
So keep searching for fireflies.